Why you should care about Google search marketing

HINT: Google search visibility = enquiries

If you haven’t had a website that sits at the top of page one you probably don’t quite understand the reality and value in being there.  What’s so great about being up the top of page one?  Well, if it’s page one for a search that’s relevant to your business then visibility = enquiries.

Google organic results are trusted (because organic = not advertising) and those trusted results generate lots of enquiries from people who are actively looking for what you do.  People searching are usually doing so because they are ready to buy. But isn’t it all just too hard?  Actually, no.

Google SEO is Easy

There’s a process to go through to get to the top but it’s not as hard as many digital marketers would have you believe (if you know what you’re doing that is).  The big scary Google search algorithm changes that are supposed to wipe your site out overnight don’t impact too much on your average business website.   In fact, when you do the right thing and follow best practice, a well-built, search engine optimised website will generate years of new business leads.  The trick is working out if search marketing is viable for your business to start with (how competitive is the search market and will the investment offset the results) and then ensuring your goals, your website, your content and your ongoing digital marketing all combine to deliver results.

SEO is not a secret

There are actually no secrets to basic SEO.  All the information you need is out there online so it’s not really secret.  However, it IS time consuming, confusing at times and it requires a nuanced application and understanding of various strategies and how they all fit together if you want to get results.  Which is why a lot of ex-DIY-ers are my clients. Whilst search marketers will know and implement all the basics, the real value is in the years they have spent refining strategies for specific types of websites.

There are aspects to WordPress SEO that fall into the realm of the content manager or website owner and then some require a little technical knowhow to implement.  I believe that business owners should have a basic handle on what the requirements are so they can hand over to someone else with a degree of trust and the ability to gauge whether their spend is delivering results.

It’s not really too hard to figure out if you’re with the right provider.  If your phone is ringing and your website forms are generating leads then you know you’re getting good results.  If not, there is work to do.  That might not always come down to who your digital marketer is either, sometimes you just need a little more understanding about the requirements and what actually brings results.  For example a common mistake is to target very broad keywords that will cost a lot to chase and not convert into enquiries.  A good digital marketing manager will stop you making bad decisions and guide you along the right path so your investment in money and time is efficient and provides a worthwhile return.

You need to trust your digital marketing person and take their advice

All of my clients understand the basics and how their digital marketing is set up to help their business get new enquiries easily.  More importantly, we’ve build long term relationships based on trust which means they listen to my suggestions, are on-board with the requirements and I can implement all the things I know are needed to help them consistently get results.  If we didn’t have that trust, I wouldn’t be able to do the things I need to do and we wouldn’t get the results.

Good Google is good for business

In summary, being at the top of Google is good for business.  SEO is easy (when you know how).   Having someone you trust running the digital marketing strategy delivers better results and … if your phone isn’t ringing and your forms not being completed it’s time to do something different.

Enjoy your week!