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How digital strategy is helpful

When websites were first going mainstream in Australia, the word  ‘strategy’ was a bit strange and unknown.  It was used by high-level brand managers from the old print / radio / outdoor media advertising crowd but wasn’t really applied so much for websites.  At that time, hardly any other designers knew how powerful Google was (including those old school ad people) and it was really just a matter of reading the Google patent docs to find out what Google wanted.  You’d then put your optimised web pages up (Home, About Us, Services, Contact, Privacy, Terms –  remember those basic sites?!) get some good titles and keywords in there and voila – huge traffic, much enquiries.

Not so simple today hey?!  Now we have external signals to contend with and a complex digital system with many more website and marketing tasks to attend to – and a lot more competition.

This is why strategy is now standard.  We need to spend time on what’s most effective.  Let me walk you through an example that shows the value of strategy. Continue reading

How to add and manage images in WordPress

Updating images in a WordPress website is easy but there are a few things you should know if you want to provide a great user experience and follow best practice. If you are here because you just need to know the actual steps to upload an image then lets get that out of the way first!

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