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End of Financial Year 2020 – Growth despite the challenges

It has certainly been a year.  Trying to come up with an appropriate adjective in that opening sentence –  I decided to just leave it out altogether!  I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from.  At the end of the 2020 financial year I am grateful that although I did lose a couple of clients during the Coronavirus lockdown period, my business sustained significant growth for the 2020 financial year.  I know this is due to the focus and consistent work I put into planning each quarter and ensuring I did everything I could to help my digital marketing clients continually improve.

I’ve helped a number of new clients realise their digital plans with new websites this year and learned a lot in the process particularly when working with clients who were start-ups (not projects I usually take on) or had established businesses but were new to marketing in the digital space.  Those client situations highlight areas where I can be more effective.   For example Continue reading

Marketing expectations as COVID-19 restrictions ease

Business owners can get a little hopeful about recent announcements from the Queensland Government.   We anticipate a staged relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions in the coming months.   When this happens and local business owners can return to servicing clients face-to-face, the economy will be recovering from a shock that’s expected to take months to play out.  If you’ve managed to stay focussed during the current health and economic crisis and you’re ready to roll out marketing to kick-start business again you’ll be aware that competition is expected to increase, communication online is changed and the competitive landscape has likely shifted as the result of the Coronavirus Pandemic ‘lockdowns’.  All this happened at warp speed and we’re now experiencing the fallout.

So what is your plan?  There are three things in particular that I’m seeing right now. Continue reading

Observations for future small business owners going through a pandemic.

This is top of the list of things I never thought I’d write about. Let’s get straight into it. Here’s what I’ve learned through personal experience and talking with others during the Novel Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. It’s what I know, personally not what I’m guessing so this is mostly useful for anyone who is able to remain trading in some form or another.

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