End of Financial Year 2020

It has certainly been a year.  Trying to come up with an appropriate adjective in that opening sentence –  I decided to just leave it out altogether!  I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from.  At the end of the 2020 financial year I am grateful that although I did lose a couple of clients during the Coronavirus lockdown period, my business sustained significant growth.  I know this is due to the focus and work I put into planning each quarter for my own business and ensuring I did everything I could to help my digital marketing clients continually improve.

I’ve helped a number of new clients realise their digital plans with new websites this year and learned a lot in the process particularly when working with clients who were start-ups (not projects I usually take on) or had established businesses but were new to marketing in the digital space.  Those client situations highlight areas where I can be more effective.   For example Continue reading

Is there a search market for what you do?

Your business goals may be well supported by a search marketing strategy … or,  they might not.   But how do you tell and why does it matter?  Well, it matters because small business digital marketing budgets demand efficiency and with that comes the need to focus on what will deliver results.  You need to know the size and competitive nature of your ‘search market’ because this informs your strategy and determines both the level of investment needed for online advertising and the time you might need to spend chasing top of page one results in Google.

Let me explain what a search market is, where to find the information on your search market and how to use this information when planning your digital marketing.  A single keyword phrase will be used to demonstrate.  Please be aware this is not an actual plan because there’s a lot more that comes into play.

So let’s get started. Continue reading

Digital Marketing Overview – Part 2

In my previous post, I gave a quick overview of the basic framework for digital marketing to give you the general process and reasoning behind spending time on this for your business.  Today I will talk about activating your website with advertising and promotion to drive traffic and conversions.  You’ve probably heard this as a phrase many times if you’ve done any research on digital marketing recently!  Important to understand though.  Whilst a website is a great tool for marketing your business, relying on that alone will generally result in a very slow path to growth.  The real fun begins when you leverage your website for better results and that requires promotion.  This is where most of the questions that small business owners have around marketing come into play because it’s the visible part of marketing I guess.  Although there are a gazillion options I’m going to talk about the top one’s that I’m personally using for my clients.  You won’t be surprised to learn that promotion mostly happens in Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. So here is part two and a little on what I think about the social media and search channels for online promotion. Continue reading

Digital Marketing Overview – Part 1

If you run a business in Brisbane I’m sure you hear or read the words digital marketing on the daily.  Even so, its fairly common for owner-operators to feel slightly lost when it comes to understanding what this really means and what’s involved.  So today I am going to give you a quick overview of the main aspects of digital marketing so you have a clear understanding and can confidently organise this for your business, direct your team or hire someone to take care of it.

There are five basic areas that are important. Continue reading

How digital strategy is helpful

When websites were first going mainstream in Australia, the word  ‘strategy’ was a bit strange and unknown.  It was used by high-level brand managers from the old print / radio / outdoor media advertising crowd but wasn’t really applied so much for websites.  At that time, hardly any other designers knew how powerful Google was (including those old school ad people) and it was really just a matter of reading the Google patent docs to find out what Google wanted.  You’d then put your optimised web pages up (Home, About Us, Services, Contact, Privacy, Terms –  remember those basic sites?!) get some good titles and keywords in there and voila – huge traffic, much enquiries.

Not so simple today hey?!  Now we have external signals to contend with and a complex digital system with many more website and marketing tasks to attend to – and a lot more competition.

This is why strategy is now standard.  We need to spend time on what’s most effective.  Let me walk you through an example that shows the value of strategy. Continue reading