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WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that powers more than 30% of the web making it the most popular CMS available.

Easy to Use

WordPress is free to install, well supported, flexible and it's even recommended by Google.

Wordpress websites are made up of a database that stores the content (such as text and images), files that display the content when requested, widgets and plugins that add functionality (such as email forms and galleries) and a theme that takes care of the way everything looks (such as layout, colours, fonts).

Content Management

Updating content on a WordPress website is easy-peasy. The hardest thing you'll have to do is remember your login! If you can use Word, read and type you're 'all good to go' because whilst the interface might be unfamiliar, the skills are similar.


Wordpress themes can be built just for you (that's what we do) or purchased already built and ready to go. They are available within the CMS or via external theme marketplaces.


The plugin selection in Wordpress gives you access to thousands of plug and play functions from email forms to galleries to ecommerce stores. Simply search, select and click to install. A developer can configure these to suit your needs.


Widgets are used most often in sidebars and are managed in a drag and drop fashion. They can be programmed as part of your theme but there are also defaults out of the box.

The Ideal for Business

Based on our experience, the solution we will promote most of the time is a custom theme with minimal, premium plugins. This is because we know users prefer fast loading websites and site owners prefer easy-to-manage solutions.

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