Search Engine Marketing


What is search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the process of promoting your website in search engines so that your website can be found when people are searching for the products or services you provide. Search engine marketing includes organic search marketing and paid advertising such as Google Ads 'pay-per-click' advertising (PPC). Search engine marketing is an effective means of attracting new leads to your business because it's can fulfil both long term and short term goals.

Search Engine Visibility

Our strategy for online marketing in Brisbane is simple and it works. Search engine marketing is one of the most cost effective methods for small business website promotion and the results are easily measured via web statistics such as Google Analytics. Search engine marketing targets potential clients right at the time they are actively looking to make a purchase so it delivers high conversion rates. Your website statistics can prove without a doubt, the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy. The following services are the basics for effective search engine marketing and are available as projects or packages. We'd love to talk to you about what we can achieve for your Brisbane business.

Web Site Appraisal

Find out how well your current web site is performing in search engines, and how effective your site is in key area's such as site speed, visual design, accessibility, site structure and layout, search engine accessibility, keyword targeting, search engine saturation and more.

Keyword Research

We perform research to determine the most effective keywords and keyword phrases your web page should target online and provide an assessment of your online competition for those keywords. Google is all about relevance so it's important to choose keywords that are relevant to your target market. If you try to target too braod a phrase you will require a lot more resources to compete. We look for highly relevant keyword phrases that we see will convert well.

Competitive Analysis

Once we know which keyword phrases are most elevant to your business and target market we can then review current search results to decide which one's will be most effective given your online competition and budget for advertising and website marketing tasks.

Search Engine Optimisation

With known keywords and keyword phrases it's now possible to optimise your web pages for these to ensure Google knows your website is relevance to the search phrases. This service includes updating of page titles, meta tags, alt attributes, modification of body text as required, additional internal linking as required. We also provide a report of the work we complete.

Search Console

If your website isn't already in Google's Search Console then we add the site. Search Console provides fantastic information to track your results online.

Build Your Profile

Attracting good quality links to your site from other relevant websites and getting social media mentions is key ongoing work to build visibility in the Google search engine. This is another aspect we can assist with once your website is optimised for search.

Web Statistics Reporting

Measure your online success with regular website statistics reports that tell you how effective your search engine marketing is. You can even view real time visitor actions on your website.

Digital Marketing Services

Creative Mode delivers expert digital marketing services in Brisbane to ensure you are visible and effective online.

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