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Annual Website Hosting

Creative Mode can offer fully supported, top quality products on a variety of website hosting packages suitable for small and large websites alike. We have our own dedicated, managed server in Sydney and can provide the right product to suit your hosting needs whether they are basic or complex. View web hosting product terms here.


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Annual Web Site Hosting

Your Site Statistics

Site statistics help you to monitor the success of your online strategy. This web hosting plan includes a sophisticated statistics package that allows you to track of and report on a whole range of details about how your web site is being accessed and answer questions such as:

When do people use your site?
How much time do people spend on the site?
From which pages do people enter your site?
From which pages do people leave your site?
Which browsers are people using to access your site?
Which other sites have links to your site?
What do users do on your site?
How many hits does the site count?
How many users does the site count?
Which section of the site is getting the most use?

About Email

As email is the most widely used feature of the internet, you would be wise to consider how you can best use the various mail functions available to facilitate the level of communication within and between your organisation and internet users visiting your web site.

Your Web Server Email Features
You will be assigned mailboxes. Each mailbox will store mail and can be accessed via a mail program running on your computer. The various email features are controlled through your cPanel.

Importance of Domain Names for Email
One of the main advantages of registering a domain name, is that your email is independent of your local internet service provider (ISP). Organisations without their own domain name will find it difficult to change ISPs without also changing email addresses.

Auto Forwarding
The auto forwarder feature allows you to forward all email which arrives in your various mailboxes to a local service provider. This allows you to collect all email sent to your organisation from the one location, even when the mail is sent under a number of different email addresses. If you change ISPs in the future, you simply change the auto forwarder to your new ISP.

Email Aliases
Each Creative Mode mailbox allows you to configure forwarding addresses. This feature allows you to create multiple email addresses for the same organisational function, and to quickly change or add email addresses as your staff and functions grow.

Auto Responder
An auto responder will detect all incoming email it is linked to and will generate an automatic email response to the sender. Many companies set up auto responders to offer information about their products and services when people click links on their web sites. Another good example of the use of auto responders is for individuals (e.g. if John Smith from Acme goes on holidays, he can set an auto response to all incoming email notifying the sender that he is on holidays and when he expects to return).

Accessing Your Email
No matter where you travel in the world, as long as you can connect to the internet you can collect your email using a standard email program. We will provide you with all the settings that you will need to configure your email application.

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